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Commemorative coins

Volume of issue
Nr. Issuing countrySubject of commemorationDate of issueBUProofDetails
CC. 294Austria100 years of the Austrian Republic02.01.201818.090.10010.000*
CC. 295SlovakiaThe 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Slovak Republic03.01.20181.000.0000
CC. 296GermanyBerlin " Charlottenburg Castle " 30.01.201830.000.0000*
CC. 297Germanyhe 100th birthday anniversary of the great German statesman and Chancellor Helmut Schmidt30.01.201830.000.0000*
CC. 303SpainSantiago de Compostela07.02.2018300.0000*
CC. 304SpainThe 50th anniversary of King FELIPE VI07.02.2018400.0000*
CC. ---EstoniaThe centennial of the independence of Estonia19.02.20181.317.8000*
CC. ---FranceLe Bleuet de France " Remembrance cornflower " 19.02.20189.990.00010.000*
CC. ---ItalyThe 70th Anniversary of the Coming into Force of the Italian Constitution---.02.20183.991.0009.000*
CC. ---Andorra25th anniversary of the Andorran Constitution---.03.201875.0000*
CC. ---San Marino500th anniversary of the birth of Tintoretto05.04.201860.5000*
CC. ---FinlandKoli National Park---.04.201800*
CC. ---Portugal250 Years of the National Mint (INCM)---.05.201800*
CC. ---FranceSimone Veil29.06.201800*
CC. ---Luxembourg150th Anniversary of the Constitution of Luxembourg---.06.2018312.5003.500*
CC. ---MaltaMaltese prehistoric temples of Mnajdra---.07.2018335.0000*
CC. ---Portugal250 Years of the Ajuda Botanical Garden---.07.201800*
CC. ---FinlandFinnish Sauna Culture---.10.201800*
CC. ---MaltaThe Cultural Heritage---.11.2018320.0000*
CC. ---Greece75th anniversary of the death of Kostas Palamas---.---.2018748.0002.000*
CC. ---Greece70th anniversary of the union of the Dodecanese with Greece---.---.2018748.0002.000*
CC. ---Italy60th Anniversary of the Italian Ministry of Health---.---.201800*
CC. ---LatviaZemgale---.---.201800*
CC. ---LithuaniaLithuanian Festival of Song and Dance 2018---.---.2018500.0000*
CC. ---Luxembourg** to be announced **---.---.2018307.5001.000*
CC. ---Monaco250th anniversary of the birth of François Joseph Bosio---.---.201800*
CC. ---San Marino420th anniversary of the birth of Gian Lorenzo Bernini---.---.201800*
CC. ---SloveniaWorld Bee Day---.---.201800*
CC. ---VaticanEuropean Year of Cultural Heritage---.---.2018101.0000*
CC. ---Vatican50th Anniversary of the death of Padre Pio---.---.201800*
*provisional count

CC. 294 . AustriaCC. 295 . SlovakiaCC. 296 . GermanyCC. 297 . GermanyCC. 303 . SpainCC. 304 . Spain
EstoniaFranceItalyAndorraSan MarinoFinland
CC. --- . EstoniaCC. --- . FranceCC. --- . ItalyCC. --- . AndorraCC. --- . San MarinoCC. --- . Finland
CC. --- . PortugalCC. --- . FranceCC. --- . LuxembourgCC. --- . MaltaCC. --- . PortugalCC. --- . Finland
CC. --- . MaltaCC. --- . GreeceCC. --- . GreeceCC. --- . ItalyCC. --- . LatviaCC. --- . Lithuania
LuxembourgMonacoSan MarinoSloveniaVaticanVatican
CC. --- . LuxembourgCC. --- . MonacoCC. --- . San MarinoCC. --- . SloveniaCC. --- . VaticanCC. --- . Vatican

"The 100th anniversary of the foundation of the independent Baltic states"

Volume of issue
Nr. Issuing countryDate of issueBUProofDetails
CC. 298Estonia31.01.2018500.0000*
CC. 299Latvia31.01.2018512.0000
CC. 300Lithuania31.01.20181.000.0000
*provisional count

CC. 298 . EstoniaCC. 299 . LatviaCC. 300 . Lithuania